Monday, September 15, 2008

Dreams / Aspirations


Creatives. We all know one or two. The kind of person that will ask random open-ended questions just to see how other people see things. Or the kind that will continuously annoy their friends by critiquing clever advertising- even when it’s completely unprovoked… yeah

My dream is to one day graduate from being the “critiquer” to the creative creator. I would like to one day work in an advertising agency- figuring out how to communicate the message of a given client to the masses. Whether it’s Mini, Sony, Adidas, or Pepsi- every company has something to say and I would like to be the one in charge (or at least have a strong presence in the decision). However, for now, my immediate goal is to simply land a gig at one these agencies.

Hopefully, my master’s degree will apply to this goal by allowing me to come into the field with a solid base of research- and even more hopefully- practice. And if all goes according to plan, maybe I'll be the one putting the message out there for others to critique. (It could happen! =)

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Margaret Orlando said...

I think it will happen for you. I don't know you that well, but I can tell you are the type of person who will be going places! Look at all that you have done already. Where we are is not as easy to get to as many seem to think. Good luck with all your dreams.